Garapata State Park Hike

Firewood Wildflower


Flower I found on the ground

Beautiful Trails

Crossing small creeks on the path

Mother nature is so beautiful

Steps on the trail



Borrowed my brothers girlfriend, Sam, for a quick photo shoot on Friday. I used this photo for part of my photography final, the theme was the color amarillo. It was difficult to choose just one photo out of the entire shoot but I decided on this one.

It was awesome spending the day with Sam. I got to know her a little better too! She’s a very shy and quiet girl but super sweet and adventurous 🙂

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“You Don’t Take A Photograph, You Make It.”

Lovers Point Park

During a break at school, my sister and I headed over to Lovers Point in Pacific Grove to enjoy the beautiful weather for a little while. Bikini season is coming fast! I’m continuing my workouts and diet fiercely.