Pink or Blue, We Love You


My younger sister is four months pregnant now! These are her first pregnancy photographs. Even though they were taken in our front porch, I still think they came out really nice. The gender reveal planning is coming soon so I have been coming up with a couple ideas and I’m just so excited to be auntie once more. 🙂 At this point her baby is about the size of a pear or an avocado. We’re thinking it might be a boy but another girl would also be nice. I will be posting more photos as the months go by!


Boxing Show

Last Saturday I attended a boxing show at the Salinas Armory Hall to photograph the kids that were sponsored by MXN Boxeo for a friend. This was my first time photographing a sports event and I was worried the pictures would come out blurry because the kids were so fast! Most of them came out pretty good, although, there were some challenges. Such as taking a good picture without the ring ropes interfering as much and finding the space to take a good shot because the hall was so crowded with people and families who went to watch and support their kids.

These kids are tough! They did so great they won a trophy! 🙂

Father-daughter/Mother-son Dance

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I was invited to go to a father-daughter/mother-son dance a couple of weeks ago. This was for my older cousin, Danny, and his family. My little second cousins are soo funny! They had us all laughing throughout the night. I have to say it was pretty cool, it was very well setup and all the children had a lot of fun
dancing and playing the entire time. This was also my first time taking photographs at an event. I learned a couple things… free drinks and food! Haha! 😛

Really though, I need to come prepared next time I need to definitely remember to bring an extra battery and my tripod. I also need to work on my shooting skills and adjust my camera settings. Practice practice practice! Still learning, any helpful feedback is welcome!


Below are photographs before the dance began. My cousin and his wife have been together for over a decade and they are still so in love! I have been a pretty stubborn non-believer in the forever love but sometimes couples like them give me hope that true love exists ❤


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Borrowed my brothers girlfriend, Sam, for a quick photo shoot on Friday. I used this photo for part of my photography final, the theme was the color amarillo. It was difficult to choose just one photo out of the entire shoot but I decided on this one.

It was awesome spending the day with Sam. I got to know her a little better too! She’s a very shy and quiet girl but super sweet and adventurous 🙂

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